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. obtain freedom .

. https://web.archive.org/web/20031122035536/http://www.obtainfreedom.net/ .

. obtain freedom .

. shaman efforts (dedicated to all pioneers) .
(03.2002 obtain freedom obfm001) cd
01  00:02:00  05:52:13  siloen - arkwright
02  05:54:13  05:34:31  colongib - potty pilot hi proem
03  11:28:44  02:37:17  solenoid - complox1
04  14:05:61  04:51:46  bauri - beerbot
05  18:57:32  07:33:45  ene - calling dub
06  26:31:02  05:22:41  army of the 23 monkeys
                         - fluoroscopic kid / soft drink jihad
07  31:53:43  03:08:18  alejandra and aeron - bath
08  35:01:61  03:16:22  sk - moon patrol
09  38:18:08  06:51:53  fingernail - music decays into strings
10  45:09:61  04:37:50  qwerty  - spodoba25
11  49:47:36  04:48:37  octopus inc - why you wait
12  54:35:73  03:19:36  multicast - ballerica
13  57:55:34  06:29:01  marumari - argonaut
14  64:24:35  04:52:23  novel 23 - p.l.
15  69:16:58  01:56:02  squab teen - the inferno
cd  71:10:60
obfm001cd5 obfm001cd6 obfm001cd1 obfm001cd2 obfm001cd3 obfm001cd81 obfm001cd82

    AERON BERGMAN is best described as pretty electronic folk music.
    He has released music on the German label TOMLAB and the label LUCKY KITCHEN.
    Improvisatorial electronics by the genius Mad Monkey collective.
    Very involved in US underground electronics via the up-and-coming Texas based label MAD MONKEY RECORDS.
    From Sweden and specializing in beautiful electronic break beats.
    His work can be found on NEO OUIJA, the label founded by Metamatics.
    The assassin from the U.S. label KRACFIVE. Scum electronic break beats for future video games.
    At the core of the U.S. underground electronic scene with KID606, MARUMARI, etc.
:: ENE
    This experimental break beat collective operates from RUE (Richmond underground electronics), ie Richmond, U.S.
    From IDM to a noise -- all genres are explored.
    Rising star of the laptop electronics scene. Themes originating from Philadelphia, woods, and science.
    The signature artist of CARPARK (previous releases by JAKE MANDELL and SO TAKAHASHI).
    Acute development of laptop pop techno with a 70 and 80s vibe done, of course, with a modern interpretation.
    From OBLIQ RECORDINGS of Colorado. Definitely an artist for the future.
    Acoustic and electronic sounds developed to make you feel comfortable.
:: NOVEL 23
    From the up-and-coming label ART-TEK of the Russian electronic scene.
    Beautiful melodic electronics -- dark break beats and melancholic melodies spin into an exquisite sound.
    Member of KRACFIVE who once recorded as PACMAN. The heavy weight champion of liquid beats that attract much attention.
    20 year-old electro artist from Croatia. The bearer of the new generation of break beat techno,
    he has already attracted attention by his contemporaries. Check his remix of KID606 etc.
    Techno electronics done by a US based recording engineer. this is a selection from a recent work, we can hope for future activity.
:: SK
    Lo-Fi electro techno which makes full use of the casio keyboard and programming
    by the legendary drummer JOHN RICKMAN (ex. EGGS from TEEN BEAT label).
    Pioneering the U.S. underground electro scene. Releases via WORM INTERFACE and KLANGKRIEG.
    Currently focusing on the OUTWARD MUSIC COMPANY.
    Her real name is NICOLE ELMER (7" release on PLANET MU) but most known for her work as Neutral
    on MAD MONKEY/Hymen Records. A pioneering female artist of unique industrial break beats.

Obtain Freedom is a small independent record label
based in Tokyo, Japan
that specializes in electronic music.

This is our first compilation CD.

MARUMARI has rapidly gained a following in America
and BAURI is also popular due to releases on NEO OUIJA.
NOVEL 23 symbolizes the spirit of the Russian electronic scene,
offer their unique take on electronics.
COLONGIB and OCTOPUS INC participate extensively
from US based KRACFIVE.

It's a new work which looks and sounds unique for Japanese labels.

. pacman and colongib 2 - pacman and colongib and you .
(08.2002 obtain freedom obfm002 / kracfive) cd
01  00:02:00  04:56:32  farmplant
02  04:58:32  05:58:20  blastpff
03  10:56:52  04:49:71  city builder
04  15:46:48  04:25:42  doctor ganfo's symphony
05  20:12:15  02:41:70  wicked slow
06  22:54:10  03:51:64  like like remix
07  26:45:74  05:59:20  touch fuzzy remix
08  32:45:19  03:37:12  jaws'n claws
09  36:22:31  03:04:00  calibrated eyeballs
10  39:26:31  06:08:17  basket of groove
11  45:34:48  03:28:31  qilip plimilq remix
12  49:03:04  03:07:46  magic jopem boy
13  52:10:50  04:43:71  a zoo
cd  56:52:46
obfm002cd5 obfm002cd6 obfm002cd1 obfm002cd2 obfm002cd3

The 2nd step of the collaborate remix project by the elite crew "PACMAN" (a. k.a.OCTOPUS INC) and "COLONGIB" of an attention label "KRACFIVE" of U.S. electronica scene!
The tracks selection from the long unavailable "PACMAN|COLONGIB" CD (released by the 1st work of KRACFIVE in 1998) and an excellent unreleased collaborative effort called "Farm Plant".
This collector's CD of a total of 13tracks!
The sound in early stages of them consists of the simple and complex bright melodies and breakbeats which are associated with BGM of an initial video game!
Artist who has developed into an unprecedented new electronic breakbeats style and who continues to be expected!

::Noah Sasso (Pacman, Octopus inc)
was born & raised on the east coast of the us. In between psychedelic public high school experiences, he managed to record a series of four Pacman cassettes, parts of which were used to compile the 2x cd release, Pacman - This is the End. Currently, Noah is living in southern California & northern New Jersey, and has recorded two albums for Kracfive as Octopus Inc - 1999's Mere Things & Mindless Creatures and, to be released in summer of 2001, Fluid Freedom. Octopus music was praised recently in the LA Times as 'kinetic' and 'ebullient'. (ebullience is good)

::Chris Graves (Colongib, Christopho Graves)
was born and raised in backwoods New England coast (USA). While growing up he was surrounded by robots, which influenced his music in strange and unpredictable ways. Despite being influenced to do general stuff by the mother, he had to start having sonic adventures. He started K5 with Joe and Noah out of some weird masochistic urge to spend vast $ and time. And it worked! Really, the old imagination vs suck; and imagination is coming out on top. I'm going to go lift some weights. what?!

::Kracfive (www.kracfive.com)
is independently operated from several headquarters and offices over the east coast of the US.


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